Monday, March 22, 2010

The One with Vandy :)

This weekend I got to go to "Nashvegas" to tour Vanderbilt University. I LOVE it there. The school is absolutely amazing.. like really. I want to go so bad.. my dream is med school there so start praying for me to get in NOW.. please :) I'm going to go ahead and start studying I think.
I would love to live there too.. Elvis stuff everywhere.. I even got my picture with him :) I hopefully will be making many more trips up there...

Watching Friends now... the best show ever.. making this dreary day happy :)
I'm trying not to complain about the cold weather.. I mean why would God want to hear us complain over something He's blessed us with?? So I'm being thankful for the cold.. in my sweats that is..

I woke up this morning and thought, "It's Monday.. I get to watch LOST tomorrow!" Yep, i'm a loser

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The One with Logan's 17th!

We decided to celebrate Logan's 17th birthday a little early this year and celebrate on a LOST night! Emily got to experience her very first LOST night, and what a night to come! I think we might have made a fan out of her :) I made chess squares, but better yet, Mr. Larry Ramsey (the husband of the ever popular mealplanningwithconnie) grilled "Larry-burgers".. a.k.a the best burgers you'll ever eat! AND Mrs. Connie made everything wonderful imaginable to go with a hamburger... You can see we're a food oriented group :) LOST was wonderful as always and Logan got to blow out his candle.. yes, singular candle.. I thought I had a 1 and a 7 for 17, but no such luck.. sooooo I improvised. I used a fancy tooth pick for a 1 and the real 7 candle.. could hardly tell the difference ;) Then we played apples to apples afterward.. nothing like an extended LOST night

If you can't read.. the cake says... "We love you Logan"
"H 17 B" (Happy 17 Birthday.. like I said, had to improvise)

Friday, March 12, 2010

The One with the Catch Up

Suddenly, I've gotten entirely too busy.. haven't even blogged in a month!
So just for a quick recap...
1) Had our soccer banquet.. yes, I might have cried a little.. big surprise there.. It was a lot of fun though. We surprised Coach Pettit with a professional collage of pictures his wife put together to remember 'his girls' by.. We ate great food (as always, we soccer kids KNOW how to eat :)).. Coach made his speech, he even wrote it down this time.. I don't believe he followed it one bit, but it was wonderful as always. Then Lewis and Tami Harrell put together an amazing slideshow (the part I cried in). All in all, it's been a great year... definitely will miss it (already starting to)
2. The basketball boys went to 'The Big House' this year! I didn't get to attend many games since soccer and basketball schedules clash, but I made the last few and they were definitely the ones to make! They hosted North Half and won... Our fan section successfully fought (not literally, just kinda) with another student section one night and parents another night... interesting weekend. But anyway, they played so great, and I had my pom poms... Well then they went to Jackson to play in the semifinals for the State Championship. Probably 75 percent of school followed the team to jackson.. the team we played was made of beasts.. every single guy.. but we were proud they came that far and had a fun trip! Anna, Mrs. Mitzi, Molly, and Elizabeth Lunn, and I traveled together, belting out Lady Gaga the whole way.. stopping at Smoothie King on the way back (yummm)

3. Exams this week.. plus work.. plus exercising.. plus finding trivial things to occupy my time= one busy girl! But God has calmed my crazy nerves this week.. He is so amazing.. I was stressing like crazy and He gave me the PERFECT verse.. so that has definitely helped my mood..
AND the warm weather.. even if it was just a day, how amazing was that?? flip flops! Hope of sunshine at some point! haha

4. I'm still addicted to LOST and watch it EVERY tuesday.. I can't miss..
I've become obsessed with listening to Dave Barnes lately...
I'm really wanting to learn how to play guitar... help needed
I sold my old maxima (Maxi) and am now driving Minnie (creative names I know)... I got somewhat nostalgic when the time came to give Maxi away, but I check on her every now and then.. ;)
I colored all day today.. like with crayons.. makes me happy.. I decided I want to be a Disney princess (That's what I was coloring by the way)
I miss Felicia extra bad.... those stupid national boards... I need my sister around a little more
Friends season seven is awesome.. I mean they all are, but this is somehow even better...
I have a fatal cough.. Pretty sure both lungs are coming out soon.. pray for me if you get the chance.. yes i exaggerate a tad..

have a blessed day! Jesus and I love you!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The One with My LOST Best Friends/100 Days/Youth

Every Tuesday night this amazing group of people gather for this monumental occasion we call LOST. When I tell you how great this show is, there is no exaggeration! So once a week we head to Logan's to eat chip and dip and brownies and watch LOST on the big screen! It really is so much fun! I mean we're all pretty fun people any way :) put us together for a spectacular combination! We throw out theories, scream, laugh, cry (ok, so I'm the only one that has cried in season six but I can't help no one else has a heart!)
Mrs. Connie Ramsey( makes the most AMAZING dip, so this time I naturally headed straight toward the fresh-out-of-the-oven dip and realized it was steaming for a reason AFTER I had taken a bite. I yelled in distress over my burnt tongue.. However, my sweet "family" was more worried about if the show had started than my burnt mouth! May I reiterate the blowing-away-ability this show has.... Probably a had-to-be-there-moment but you can take my word for it, it was funny.
I look forward to these great Tuesday nights :) so refreshing. I'm so thankful that I get to call these wonderful people friends/family:

We celebrated "100 Days til Graduation" today in AP Calculus! Anything for a party right?? Unsurprisingly I forgot until about 11 the night before I was supposed to bring something.. Thank goodness for butcher block and cheap biscuits! While rushing in and out( seem to be doing a lot of that), the cashier asked me about school next year and then she said, "Well wherever you go, just keep God in the center of your life. If I knew then what I know now, I would have had a much better college experience." Once I got to my car, I thought, "Wow, how awesome is our God to send little reminders through strangers that He wants us to remember Him, keep our focus on Him.. Just something special I thought I would share. I quickly arrived at the school thinking it might be somewhat bittersweet, as most senior events are, I soon realized it was all sweet after gazing upon the red velvet cake, chocolate oatmeal cookies, and chocolate cake! I believe I'll be gaining the Senior Seventeen instead of the Freshmen Fifteen!

Tonight we had Youth Share, like every Wednesday, but it just keeps getting better! We're in the process of finding a new youth minister, but our pastor, Brother Ken, is doing an amazing job. My new friend Kasey is doing a great job with the music as well, so Wednesday nights are something to look forward to as well! It's so refreshing to be in there with good people who love you and Jesus. Hopefully starting a small group bible study soon!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The One with Love

So as much as a romantic as I am, this past weekend, while fighting through the masses at the local Wal Mart, I realized that Valentine's Day might be a little over-hyped. I mean when you can't get down an aisle.. something is wrong! But I do love getting cards for my loved ones so I fought the masses anyway... My sweet boyfriend got me a season of Friends and a trip to Memphis!(One of my favorite places :)) We ate at Jim N Nicks Barbecue... It should be named Jim N Nick Amazing Cornbread Biscuits. The barbecue was great, don't get me wrong, but very few breads can rival that cornbread.. I had three biscuits out of the three baskets that were brought to our table, Will ate the rest! Then we headed off to the guitar center (I reluctantly turned down TCBY because I was so full on biscuits!) He played guitar, and I played keyboard for about an hour... My next goal will be to play like Billy Joel.. He's a new favorite... Then we headed to the mall to check out his fellow Memphis Finishline (did I tell you my boy's an Assistant Manager?? He said I should brag to everyone about it.. Consider this my brag :)) There were so many sales going on that I wanted to buy something from every store! However, I found having no money to be an obstacle.. We did get a Great American Cookie before departing in the snow :) My sweet grandparents gave me a "M" for my dorm room next year and some "New Moon" candy :) My parents got me a season of Friends for V-day too! I now am the proud owner of seasons 1-7! Only three left!! Mom and I have already gone through one disc.. I'm so addicted. Also, our youth had a 'barn dance' for Valentine's Day on Sunday night. We actually got a "professional" line dancer to come teach us how! It was SO much fun! I felt like a true country girl :) It was a wonderful idea from our pastor, and everyone loved it! Great food, music, and dancing! Sunday morning I came across 1 John 4:19: " We love because He first loved us." Thought it was an amazing Valentine's verse.. Sometimes I get really busy and don't think about all that Jesus does for us and just how much He loves us. It's nice to have a reminder.. There wouldn't be a "day of love" if Jesus hadn't first loved us and saved us. So whether we have valentines or be celebrating "singles awareness day," we have a permanent Valentine in Jesus who will always love us. He shows his love for us everyday, not just once a year, but with every sunrise :) Just something nice to think about.