Monday, March 22, 2010

The One with Vandy :)

This weekend I got to go to "Nashvegas" to tour Vanderbilt University. I LOVE it there. The school is absolutely amazing.. like really. I want to go so bad.. my dream is med school there so start praying for me to get in NOW.. please :) I'm going to go ahead and start studying I think.
I would love to live there too.. Elvis stuff everywhere.. I even got my picture with him :) I hopefully will be making many more trips up there...

Watching Friends now... the best show ever.. making this dreary day happy :)
I'm trying not to complain about the cold weather.. I mean why would God want to hear us complain over something He's blessed us with?? So I'm being thankful for the cold.. in my sweats that is..

I woke up this morning and thought, "It's Monday.. I get to watch LOST tomorrow!" Yep, i'm a loser

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